New Smyrna

This gorgeous resort area is situated centrally on Florida's east coast and is the ideal place for a laid-back, crowd- and pollution-free beach vacation.

New Smyrna Beach hotels give visitors great access to exciting water sports, such as jet skiing, water skiing, wind and regular surfing. In fact, because of key rock ledges that lie about 4-5 miles out from shore, the waves here are excellent, making New Smyrna Beach one of Florida's best surf spots. Water enthusiasts love it here. And land-lovers love its casual, laid-back atmosphere. Socialize at quaint seaside bars or dine at one of the area's fresh seafood eateries.
New Smyrna Beach Hotels

Choose one of Superior Small Lodging's New Smyrna Beach hotels and let us help you experience the area to the fullest. While dozens of Florida towns offer their visitors similar activities, it is New Smyrna Beach's lifestyle that makes it so captivating. Superior Small Lodging understands the reason why visitors come to the area, and New Smyrna Beach hotels and accommodations are made to suit. Clean, comfortable and relaxing, our New Smyrna Beach hotels echo the serenity and easygoing atmosphere of this beach town. Stay in one of SSL's New Smyrna Beach hotels. We'll give you the break you are hoping for.