General Information About Treasure Island

Beat a Path to Treasure Island Accommodations
Treasure Island accommodations, inns, resorts, motels and vacation rentals occupy an ideal role in this town’s unique laid-back, visitor-oriented beach community.

Almost all Treasure Island accommodations are on the beach… and each Sunday around sunset, as the drum circle forms on the beach, guests are drawn to the distant sounds on the sands… near the water. Luckily the beach is so wide in Treasure Island, that the drum circle can barely be heard in local accommodations!

Treasure Island got its name from an early hotel owner who buried, then "discovered" a couple of wooden chests on the beach. The hotelier claimed that the chests were filled with "treasure," news of the discovery spread quickly and people began calling the area Treasure Island.

The main draw for today’s visitors is the town’s three miles of white sandy beaches on the Gulf of Mexico. There is so much wide beach that the city now conducts an annual sand castle competition that draws contestants from around the world! Beat a path to Treasure Island accommodations if you enjoy a wide, wide beach and you love all beach activities… including the most spectacular sunsets you may have seen!