Membership Info


  • 1. Featured listing on the Florida State Superior Small Lodging Website.
  • 2. Featured listing in the Superior Small Lodging State Printed Directory which is distributed at Florida State Welcome Centers and through member properties.
  • 3. SSL Logo to be used on your website and in your marketing materials.
  • 4. Painted Superior Small Lodging sign to be hung at the entrance to your property immediately indicating to the traveling public that your property is special.
  • 5. Referrals from other member properties either locally when a property is fully booked or from the network of member properties throughout the state.
  • 6. White Glove Award which is awarded to member properties that have achieved an exceptional score on the annual inspections which are required to be done on all properties not only to join but to maintain membership in this organization. The written report which is provided as a result of the inspection is a great tool to improve property performance and guest satisfaction.
  • 7. Discount Membership Program: This program allows member properties, their families and employees the opportunity to travel to other member properties throughout the state at extremely reduced rates.
  • 8. Advertising Cooperatives: Members frequently participate in cooperative ads thus reducing cost and increasing impact.
  • 9. Marketing initiatives by the Association to increase branding and increase member business
  • 10. Networking: You are no longer alone. You now have a network of member properties to whom you can turn to with questions, referrals and camaraderie. It helps level the playing field between the “Big” hotels and there smaller counterparts.
  • 11. Annual State Conference: Held once a year, members from throughout the State come together for education, networking, vendor sources and fun. Lodging is provided by area host hotels free of charge.
  • 12. Visit Florida Membership at a reduced price which includes a listing on the State of Florida Website offered to aid small properties in marketing and exposure.
  • 13. Florida Restaurant and Lodging Association Membership offered at a reduced price, which includes membership in the American Hotel and Motel Association and is extremely important in being a very strong Lobby working to protect Superior Small Lodging as well as their other constituents.